When unwrapping or unboxing your WR55X10942 you must remember that this circuit board is a directly replacement for over four hundred different refrigerator models, so if it looks like it does not belong in your refrigerator always refer to your parts diagram and make sure that this is the correct part for your model refrigerator. In most cases you will immediately notice that there are many more relays and different parts on on the configuration of this control board, and it does not match your existing board, this is because of many revisions that GE have made to the board. As you remove the existing board from your refrigerator you might break the plastic latch to each molex connector, this is not a problem, the new board comes with clips on the molex connectors. This board will actually update your refrigerator as it has the revisions from as far as seven to ten years back, so this is actually better than buying a new refrigerator because you might end up with a board in the new refrigerator without the revisions and starting all over with the original problems you began with. The clips on the plastic pins have a barb type actuator, and will need to be depressed in order to remove the existing MCB or main control board, before you install the new board into place, make sure the ground wore is set up to match the position of the hole it screws into, after this is done, press the new board into place and then snap all the molex connectors into place as well, they are hard to connect to the wrong male end, so it is somewhat difficult to do this wrong. After you have installed the board, the ground, and made all if the connections of the molex connectors, plug the unit back in, and thats it. Depending on where the internal timer is in the board, it will start or go into defrost mode, give the unit four to six hours, then test the temperature of the refrigerator, use any thermostat you have available if there is not one built into the refrigerator itself. Normal temperature settings for most refrigerators is freezer at zero degrees and the fresh food section set at thirty seven degrees. 


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