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  Buy an Appliance Repair FranchiseWhether you are looking for a way to create a family business to support yourself and future generations of your family, want to start a new chapter in life after retirement or are simply looking for a way to be your own boss and make money for yourself instead of making it for someone else, owning your own appliance repair franchise is a great option to look into. In today's chaotic working world, job security is never a given when you work for someone else. Take control over your own destiny and give yourself the security you deserve by buying your own franchise and becoming your own boss. 

  When you decide to create your own path and partner with us as a franchise owner, we work with you to give you all the tools you need to understand how the repair business model works, set up shop and start turning a profit. We partner with you so you can become a successful business owner and reach your financial and career goals faster than you ever imagined possible.

  The advantages of working with us as a franchisee are numerous. Unlike starting a business from scratch and completely on your own, buying into an established franchise offers you a built in support system, provides you with professional resources and all the help you need to get your franchise up and running successfully. When you become one of our appliance repair franchise owners, you will have access to all the guidance and expertise of experienced professionals who know what it takes to succeed. When you become a part of our franchise family, we will support you and will share what you need to know, what you need to do and what you should not do to make your franchise a success. We have done all the necessary market research, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities facing our industry and franchise owners and we know what you need to do in order to run a successful repair business. We have the knowledge and resources you need to make your repair franchise a profitable, successful branch of our parent company and will share it all with you when you join our family of franchises.  

  Who is Eligible to Become a Franchise Owner?
The opportunity to own your own franchise is open to anyone interested in making their own path and pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams. Previous experience owning, managing or running businesses or franchises is not a prerequisite for buying a franchise from and partnering with us. If you have the drive and desire to make your own way and create your own success, we offer a franchise opportunity to help you do just that, regardless of your age or experience. Owning your own franchise is a great way to provide for yourself and help ensure your employment and financial stability. We make franchise opportunities open to anyone because we are a company that believes that option should be open to anyone willing to bank on themselves and their abilities and also has the initiative and drive to start and operate their own successful franchise.

  How Much Does It Cost to Buy My Own Franchise?
Owning your own franchise is probably a lot more affordable than you may think. We have put business ownership within most people's reach by offering our repair franchises for an investment of only $49,950. For the same cost or even less than you would pay to own many of the latest and newest cars on the market, you could invest in yourself instead and start and operate your very own franchise. When you consider the benefits of working for yourself, having the support of seasoned industry professionals behind you and owning your own business against the cost of the franchise buy in, you can see why owning a franchise is a smart and savvy investment for you to make. 

  What is Included in the Cost of Buying the Franchise?
When you decide to invest in a franchise with us, we do everything we can to give you what you need to get started on a path of success and profits. We offer back office business support that frees you from time consuming daily tasks including but not limited to:

*computer invoice software
*document processing 
*payments and credit card batching and processing
*collections and billing 
*accounts receivable
*reconcilliation of payments returned marked non sufficient funds

  In addition to our back office support, we set you up to catch every call that comes in with a professional and reliable twenty four hour a day answering service. After all, we are in the repair business and calls can and do come in at all hours of the night and day. With our answering service, you can book and secure jobs even when you are away from the business, closed for the evening or simply out on another repair job. Our round the clock call center answering service ensures you won't lose business because a call went unanswered and that you don't have to rely on an impersonal answering machine to catch unanswered calls.

  What About All the Supplies I Need to Open a Franchise Specializing in the Repair of Appliances?
We help you cut the costs associated with running a repair business by offering a thirty to fifty percent discount on repair and replacement parts needed for proper appliance service calls. Our large scale purchasing power makes it easier for us to buy larger quantities and get a better price by buying in bulk. We pass those savings along to you helping you cut inventory costs while still being able to stay fully stocked and ready for any service call that comes in. Keeping your inventory well stocked without having to tie up more money than necessary to purchase everything you need is just one way we help you get started and turning a profit quickly.

  Of course, to run a successful repair business, you will need a physical space to welcome customers, work out of and keep your inventory. When you buy a franchise from us, we provide an office space for you. To get to all your appliance service calls, you need a reliable van and so we provide you with that, too. We will work with you to make sure that you have everything you need to start your business and that you can take care of customers from the very first day you open. We will also equip you with a professionally designed logo and uniforms for your repair service team. Presenting a professional, polished look is just one way we set ourselves apart from other repair services and we take pride in the logo we use and the uniform we wear. 

  What About the Actual Repair Side of the Business?
Having back office support, an answering service, discounted parts, an office space, a van and logos and uniforms are great, but they certainly will not fix and service the appliances for you. To that end, we offer our franchise owners factory service for most major brands. Offering your customers factory service will help you earn their trust and, more importantly, their business. Factory service will also give you the confidence you need to proudly advertise your services and peace of mind knowing you can provide your customers with exceptional service on all the repair jobs you perform.

  In addition to all the previously covered perks of becoming one of our franchise owners, we give you a complete guide to success when you buy a franchise. Our guide to success outlines everything you need to do to operate your business in a professional, confident, customer service focused manner that will garner your business customer loyalty, support and positive word of mouth. Our comprehensive guide to success serves as an invaluable reference tool you can use to answer your questions, learn about our business model and better equip yourself to handle the challenges and opportunities that come up in the day to day management and running of your repair business.

  As you can tell, we work diligently to ensure our franchise partners have all the tools and support they need to make their business a success. We know, understand and respect that making the decision to go into business for yourself can be daunting and even a bit scary. We are here to help walk you through the process and give you the tools, support and help you need to feel confident in taking the plunge and investing in yourself, your future and your financial security. If you think you are ready to take the next step, to change your future and to partner with a company that will work with you to build and grow your business, call us today for information on how to get the franchise opening process started. We are ready to help you achieve your professional goals and start you on the right path to owning your own repair business and being your own boss. Call us today and take the first step in creating your new tomorrow.