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Appliance USA Commercial Ice Machine Service

 We have a commitment to excellent customer support and service; this shows in our experienced technicians, and our office staff members. Our service department is always there when you need us. Commercial ice machines have a normal lifespan of about ten years; during this time your ice machine may need repairs. We service many different name brands of ice machines and have many years of experience and professional skills fixing ice machines.  We know the inconvenience caused by a malfunctioning ice machine and always do our best to take care of the situation in the most effective way possible.


Common problems:


  • Ice Machine not producing enough ice
  • Maybe the unit is producing too much ice
  • The ice is foggy
  • Cube size is incorrect
  • Splash Curtain is torn
  • Water Drain is clogged
  • Drain pump not operating properly
  • Condenser Fan not working
  • The Ice is melting in the bin
  • Recirculation pump is malfunction
  • Reservoir water keeps recirculating
  • Ice Machine will not power on

   Our goal is to repair the ice machine on the first visit.  Please help us by providing the following information prior to your service call:

  Providing us with the Model and Serial number is a great step to help us get the repair of the ice machine done quickly

This information is very important for our technicians so they can be prepared prior to arriving at the location. Our trucks are regularly stocked with most parts for most ice machine repairs, and your technician will not only check our truck stock but also review any factory information on common issues with your ice machine. When it comes to commercial Ice Machines Hoshizaki is one of the most common names in ice machines. Our technicians have been factory trained and are certified for the repair of these ice machines. Of course we service and repair any name brand of commercial and industrial ice machine. We stock parts for most any brand or problem.

The maintenance & monitoring of these ice machines are very important
Ice Machine Maintenance is key when it comes to the longevity of these units.
Clean sanitary ice when you want it
Keeps your ice machine clean and running at all times.
Our maintenance system will include a detailed Cleaning Service once a year, plus our Maintenance Cleaning Service every 4 months with our written report.
We have a 15% discount on any repairs and parts you may need.
Water filter cartridge replacements will always be billed separately because there are a wide variety of filter costs. Of Course there will be no extra labor charges if we service the ice machine.
All of our programs can be customized for your unique situation.
You can add more service or remove service to suit the ice machines environment as needed.

 Appliance USA Ice machine Cleaning Service

   We recommend this be done once annually. Remove all of the ice from the bin and store in our sanitized ice barrels. The Machine will be disassembled to perform factory procedures, and all f the parts will be soaked in a sanitizer solution as we use a acid chemical wash on the compressor and condenser coil of the unit. We will scrub and rinse the entire machines cabinet and the outer surfaces including the bottom of the machine, the inside of the storage bin and all exterior surfaces. All small rusted areas are treated with rust proofing chemicals and then painted. The evaporator coil is scrubbed with a chemical that is not to damage the nickel-plating on most ice machine evaporators. The machine is then reassembled. The re-circulation pump cleaning process is done with nickel-safe ice machine cleaner as well, then with a sanitizer. The machine will then be tested and timed for production and also tested for capacity. The ice that was previously stored is then returned to the bin and a detailed written report with recommendations is provided. This job usually takes up to 5 hours depending upon conditions, locations, and time of operation in a restaurant or hotel location.

 Routine Ice Machine Maintenance Cleaning

Usually performed every four months. We recommend the ice machine be cleaned in place to remove any dirt, scale or mold especially in the location of a restaurant or hotel. The interior surface of the ice machine is sanitized. All condenser coils and air filters are cleaned or replaced. The cleaner and sanitizer use will be per factory instructions. A written report with recommendations is also provided at this time. This job usually takes up to three hours depending upon conditions and the machine type and size.

  What might be wrong with the unit?

The more information we have on the situation, the better.  What are the symptoms?  When did the problem with appliance begin?

 Appliance USA Appliance And Customer History

We keep detailed records of every customer and repair we have on them and their appliances, but it’s always good for a technician to know if any appliance has been previously worked on by Appliance USA or any other repair technicians.

  Appliance USA is one of the only Certified Service providers on Sub-Zero, Wolf and Asko products in Florida.

 If you need a great ice machine repair company in Palm Beach, Hart-Land Florida and surrounding counties, call us today!