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Cook Top Repair

  Cook tops are great; they provide us with a stovetop to cook on, without the bulk of a full range. In most cases the kitchen will have a wall oven, and the cook top is set in another location that would normally not be in use. They can be simple and they can be very complex. Some cooktops have a user interface that is similar to a touch screen like on an iPhone or android device. For the most part they will have four burners and that’s it, coming in both gas and electric they are a great appliance. Being a very well used appliance in the kitchen, when one stops operating properly, it can be a real set back. These units are usually very simple; they will have four burners and four switches to operate each burner on both gas and electric models.


Common issues


  • One burner stops operating

  • All burners stop operating

  • The flame setting on a burner is not operational

  • The entire unit has no Power

  • The entire unit has no Gas

  • One of the burner switches is loose

  • The Glass top breaks

  • Food spills into the unit and shorts out electrical components

  A cook top can be very difficult to work on for the reason that it can be very hard to remove from the countertop, especially if the counter top is marble or granite. And if the unit is not removed properly the countertop can be cracked or broken. When removing the unit you must be careful also not to cut yourself or break the glass ceran top. Most cooktops are made from sheet metal and have very sharp edges. At Appliance USA we always use gloves when removing them, this insures our safety, and the safety of the cooktop itself.

  If you are experiencing any of the above problems or symptoms with your cooktop unit, we recommend calling the local appliance repair company of your choice to perform the repair.