Dryer Repair

  Dryers are a part of everyday life and we all usually use them daily, a broken dryer can be a major inconvenience to any household. A dryer is a major fire hazard and for this reason there are numerous safety devices throughout all dryer units. There are about five thermal cut offs and fuses inside a dryer to prevent any type of fire, and if any one of the safety devices fail the dryer in most cases will stop producing heat. There are also moisture sensors in most dryers today to prevent over drying. The moisture sensors in most cases will reduce the time clock stopping the dryer operation much earlier than what it was originally set at by the user.

Common issues

  • Not Heating
  • Won’t activate
  • Loud Noise
  • Longer than normal dry times
  • Burning Cloths
  • Burning smell coming from unit
  • Lint not escaping
  • Foul Odors
  • Not Spinning

  Most dryers use two hundred and twenty volts, so the units draw a good amount of amps from the electrical source. So when they are not running properly they can cause a major rise in the electric bill. Always keep the lint trap clean, and always keep the dryer vent clean. This will optimize the unit’s efencienty and make sure your not running the electric bill through the roof. We recommend cleaning or having the vent cleaned at least twice a year. This will also lessen the chance of house fire.


  If you are having any of the above symptoms or you would like to have a vent cleaning done to your home, we recommend that you call your local appliance repair company to do this service because of the dangers in not doing the work properly.

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