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Dishwasher Repair

  Dishwashers offer us the ease of convenience, getting the dishes clean as we complete other tasks, or maybe just relax after a wonderful meal. So when, a dishwasher breaks down or starts working poorly and we loose this convenient.               

  From foggy glasses to long running wash cycles, there is a variety of issues could be keeping a dishwasher from producing you the quality results we all expect. Nobody should ever let a broken dishwasher keep you from enjoying your day. Our experienced technicians are here to help anyone identify the issue and find the solution very quickly.

What you might be experiencing

  •  No power
  • Won’t Drain
  • Dishes come out dirty
  • Leaking Water
  • Making odd noise
  • Making loud noise
  • Stops Mid Cycle
  • Unusual wash times
  • No Steam
  • No Hot Water
  • No Water
  • Unit wont shut off   

 Things Inside of a Dishwasher

  •  Air Gap the unit
  • Bimetal fuse terminal
  • Door hinges / Heavy Door
  • Door latch assembly
  • Door gasket
  • Door springs
  • Door Cables
  • Door switch
  • Drain hose
  • Drain valve stuck
  • Drain valve lever
  • Dish Drying fan
  • Float switch
  • Heating
  • Motor weak
  • Rusting problems
  • Selector button
  • Spray arm and tower
  • Thermostat / Moisture Sensor
  • Timer motor
  • Water inlet valve

 Do you need someone to fix your dishwasher today? If so contact us as soon as it is convenient for you, and we at Appliance USA will work around your schedule to get the Dishwasher Repair complete as soon as possible.