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Microwave Repair

Microwaves are extremely dangerous, and we recommend that only an experienced appliance repair technician work on or repair them. The microwave is exactly what it says it is, it’s basically a microwave of lighting that cooks the food. There is a transformer and a high voltage capacitor inside of every microwave; they work together to power the magnetron. Most of the transformers create about twelve hundred volts of electricity. This powers the high voltage capacitor. The capacitor stores nine hundred up to two thousands volts and then they work together usually delivering around four to five thousands volts to the magnetron. So with all of this power inside of these units they have a number of safety devices that are triggered to fail in case the unit is not operating properly. In most cased when anyone of these fail it will completely terminate the electric cycle of the system and not allow it to operate at all.

   Common Issues


  • Unit seems to work, but no heat

  • Unit acting funny when door is open or closed

  • The clock is blank

  • The Unit has no Power at all

  • Plastic burning smell coming from the control

  • Odd electrical sounds coming from the unit during operation

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms we recommend that you unplug the unit or shut the breaker off and call your local appliance repairman and make an appointment for service. Under no circumstances do we recommend that you try to do any type of repairs yourself on a microwave.