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Washer Repair

   Washers as all appliances are an essential part of our daily lives; we need them for the convenience and necessity of having clean close daily. If you have a full house, kids, and pets and maybe even a grandmother, you most likely use the washer daily. So, when the washer is not operational this can be a major disaster and can completely ruin your daily routine.

  Washers of today are geared more towards effenciety than to be a workhorse, they can be fragile to say the least, with all of the go green mentality of today, all appliances are using less and less of everything, water and electric to be more specific. This takes a number of computers, like motor control boards, computerized pressure switch’s and a number of sensors that operate the machine down to the ounce measurement of water going into the unit. It is very important that when you wash clothing today, you clean out pockets, make sure that there is nothing in them, the smallest item can break a washers drain pump.

Common Issues


  • Not Draining

  • Not Spinning

  • No Start

  • Stopped Mid-Cycle

  • Door Won’t Open

  • Door Won’t Close

  • Clothes Come Out Dirty

  • Clothes Still Soaked After Wash

  • Soap Not entering the Unit

  • No Hot Water

  • No Cold Water

  • No Water

  Washers can be very temperamental because sensors and safety devices inside of the unit. If one or more of these components has gone bad or has come disconnected for some reason, the unit will usually completely stop and give you an error code on the display. If this happens, make sure to write the error code down and keep it for a technician; if you decide to call an appliance repair company to take a look at the unit. This is a real help for the technician and can speed up the process of getting the repair done.