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Range Repair

    When a range stops working, this could interrupt your daily meals or even a simple snack, the top of a range, is after all where we do most of our cooking. When a range is in need of repair, it could be only one burner or maybe the entire unit is not operating. Most ranges of today use the normal dedicated circuit, of a two hundred and twenty volt electrical source. This means these units are very susceptible to power surges, and can often experience a short if there is a neiborhood power outage. These units both gas and electric will most always need an electrical source to either power the oven igniter or the spark electrodes that start the burners if gas. And if the unit relies soul on an electrical source, than it can stop completely if there is a short or a computer board burnout. The oven sensor is a common fail part and usually will stop operating properly when the self-clean cycle is used. We always recommend cleaning the oven with cleaners by hand, and never using the self-cleaning cycle.

Common issues

  • Gas Oven wont light

  • Gas Oven wont turn off

  • Gas Oven wont turn on

  • Food is not getting cooked

  • Food is getting over cooked

  • The Burners wont light

  • The burners wont turn off

  • The oven is producing an error code and wont start

  • The Clock is out

  • The Clock looks funny

  • Plastic Burning smell

  • User Interface wont function properly

  • Oven ventilation not working

  • Control Knob feels loose

  • Oven Door won’t open

  • Oven Door won’t close

  • Odd smell from inside the unit


  The ranges of today are almost always going to have a computer circuit board or two, the ranges user interface, the ranges main control board, sometimes, even each burner will have a potentiometer for each burner. This is a small computer control board that controls the level of flame from hi to low. Some ranges are very simple and have few computer boards and some are very complex and have many. When dealing with a gas range you should always have a professional look at the unit because of the danger in dealing with any gas-operating appliance. So call the local appliance repair company of your choice to make the repair, it is always the safer decision, no matter the cost.