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Oven Repair

   Our ovens are a big part of our life each day; we bake, broil and roast dinners in them daily, sometimes more than once. A full house is very un-pleasant when an oven is not operating properly. And the longer this goes unfixed the more money it can cost you, buying a to go meal is not a cheap alternative; especially when you have a full house to feed.

  Ovens of today can have a lot of technology inside of them, computer controlled units can have touch screens and several different oven control boards the operate the oven. These oven control boards control everything from the clock and lights, to the convection fan and temperature that the oven is set at. They have presets and manual adjusting user interfaces that give you the option to set the temperature at an exact number. Operating electorally with several different components in the oven like the temperature sensors, relays and transformers.

Common Issues With Ovens

  • Food not completely cooked
  • Food Burning 
  • Long preheat times
  • Not Turning ON
  • Not Turning OFF
  • Won’t Allow operation, and starts beeping
  • Flashing Error Codes
  • Gas Oven Not lighting
  • Gas Oven Not turning OFF
  • Oven Getting Extremely Hot
  • Door Latch Stuck
  • Funny Smells
  • Corrosion Problems
  • Computer Control Communication Problem

  If any one of these problems occurs with your oven and you feel it is un-safe to use the unit, we strongly recommend having a professional look at the unit before use; this can be a dangerous situation in any home; especially when it comes to gas units. And if you smell gas coming from the unit, we suggest you unplug the unit or shut the breaker off and call a professional immediately. Even pay extra for emergency service. Get a technician out to the property immediately.