Working on a sub zero refrigerator model 601R/F in Hobe Sound Florida 33455 was a real challenge, when the refrigerator condenser coil gets a layer of lint or dust on it the refrigerators heat exchange process stop working properly, in most cases you can clean the refrigerators condenser coil and the unit will begin to work properly again; but this is only of you catch this layer of lint in time and get to it before the refrigerators compressor starts to overheat, if the compressor overheat you can end up with the need for a new compressor installation and a possible burn out situation and then it will be big bucks to complete the repair and get the refrigerator working again. In this particular repair the refrigerator will need a new compressor and will need the entire service, I will be replacing the compressor and also the evaporator coil in the system and, doing a clean out of the entire system and then installing the new evaporator and compressor then running a vacuum pump on the system for approximately four or five hours. This will ensure I will not have any problems with the unit and I will not need to return to the property for a call back, when the repair is completed correctly the first time you will never need to return back to the property. At Appliance USA our main goal is to keep our customers happy, and the best way to do this is to complete the appliance repair properly the first visit to the home.

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