Washer and Dryers have a number of different safety devices in side of them to prevent fires and flooding.


  • Thermal Fuses
  • Lid and Door Switches
  • Sensors (Thermistors)
  • Moisture Sensors
  • Normal Fuse
  • Computer Control Boards


  • Water sensors
  • Float switches
  • Door Latch
  • Fused Main Control Boards
  • Load Balancing Sensors

The Fact is, if your Washer or Dryer is not working Properly, most of the time it is directly related to a triggered safety device. And a triggered safety device, is usually due to a lack of routine maintenance on the unit or house. Routine Maintenance is key to keeping your Landry units running, and running efficiently. This is where we, or the appliance repair company of your choice can help.

This is a washer spider that one of our technicians replaced on a washer in Palm Beach, Florida.

Washers and Dryers

All appliances are built today using the "Go Green" thought process, these machines are not meant to be work horses. On this page you will find tips and precautions you can do, to avoid a costly appliance repair.

  • Always check your pockets before washing your laundry.
  • Always use the recommended soap that the machine calls for in the owners manual.
  • Never wash excessive amount of cloths. (average residential load should be 10-12lbs)
  • When Closing the door to the unit, be gentle, slamming the door can easily break the door latch on a washer and the lid switch on a dryer.
  • Once a month check the screens on the washer, and the lint duct on the dryer

Washing Machine Not Cleaning your cloths, but seems to be working properly ?

  • You could have a backed up drain line, this restricts the washers ability to clean out the dirty water resulting in cloths that never get clean.
  • There might be a problem with the electromagnetic drain pump, it might not be working properly, or maybe not at all.
  • The impeller on the pump might be broken, there are three to eight blades on most drain pumps, if one or two break the unit might drain but not completly, this will cause the cloths to be a little to wet and you might notice, longer than normal dry times.

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