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Appliance Repairs in Jupiter

Your search for affordable appliance repairs in Jupiter, FL, is over. We've worked hard to earn a solid reputation based on our commitment to customer service. What this means is that you'll always get a fair price and be treated with respect from the moment you first contact us. Call today to set up an appointment. We are based in the City of Jupiter, Florida,  We love Jupiter, it is a great community and a great place to live and we have a great list of clients that we service in Jupiter as well,  Einstein Bagels on Indiantown Road and A1A, Dune Dogs, and Corners all of opur appliance and refrigeration clients in the restaurants around the area, are always very satisfied with our service and you will be as well.

We have precautions that we take with protective kits that we install on refrigeration units, behind a bar and inside the close quarters of a kitchen, are very busy areas and most refrigeration units will always need some sort of protection from the people moving through these high traffic areas. In Jupiter like most cities in Palm Beach County, your home or business is always with in one hundred miles of the ocean, this might sound far but the truth is, the salt from the Florida beaches are always going to take a toll on any appliance or air conditioning units. In fact, it is one of the most common repairs in the appliance and air conditioning repair business industry. Of course there are many other thing that go wrong with these units. Most of the time it is human error, that is responsible for damage to these units.

Things to be careful of and pay attention to:

  • Coils, always watch the Evaporator and Condenser Coils (Feet, Punctures and Chemicals)
  • The wrong chemicals are always a big one (never use anything on the coils before doing your research)
  • Punctures usually happen when the unit freezes up, and someone uses a screwdriver or a knife and trys to chisel the ice off. (This is a costly repair if the refrigeration leaks out, and can also cause a problem with compressor, and could possible cause the compressor to fail)

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