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WR62X10055 Applications and Repair

  Working on any marine application is never easy; the refrigerator is always the main concern of almost any boat owner when it comes to the galley. The refrigerator in question is a General Electric model number is PCG23SHSAFSS this refrigerator runs off of a 220v compressor and also runs a 134a refrigeration application, in this case the refrigerator was displaying frost build up inside of the freezer section of the unit. The issue with this refrigerator is actually an external problem, the door has an ice dispenser and the door hatch to the ice when pushing the lever to fill a cup full of ice will let the ice through the hole, but then when the latch is released the door does not shut, creating a hole in the door basically letting outside air come into the unit, with the outside air being full of humidity in Palm Beach Gardens Florida, it is now creating the frost problem at hand, this is also creating additional frost build up on the evaporator coil, creating ice build up that is causing a restriction for the evaporator fan motor, and this is starting to make some noise, now that the fan blade is striking the ice at 1200 rpm’s, replacement of part # WR62X10055 will fix this situation, the reason is the moist humid air will no longer be sucked in through the hole in the ice dispenser, resolving the issue because once the air cannot come through the frost will no longer build on the inside of the door and also on the evaporator.

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