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  Dryer Vents, Maintenance and Repair

Is it true that a dryer vent can cause a house
fire ?


Dryer vents are responsible for 8-10 house fires a year. If the vents are not cleaned they can cause a lot more problems than that. If a dryer has completely stooped, seems to have no power at all, this usual happens when a fuse inside of the dryer has blown. Now there are quite a few fuses inside of a dryer, so there are a battery of test to run on the dryer to figure out which one of the fuses are blown, but the fact is, this is most likely a direct result of a backed up dryer vent. In fact almost every time a dryer goes down, its due to a backed up vent. This is very common, and should be taken care of or at least looked at when the repair man is in the home repairing the dryer.

Dryers and most appliances these days are built and manufactured with a “Go Green” mind state. There are plastic computer boards that are inside of all appliances that are very sensitive to the heat that a dryer can produce when the dryer vent is not properly vented.

Things to look for:

  • Longer than usual dry cycles
  • The Dryer might be hot to the touch in some areas
  • Close might smell of mill due, from moisture trapped inside of the unit
  • There might be a burning smell
  • Excessive lint build up
  • Clothes come out felling more like they have been steamed, rather than dyed

If you notice any of these things, there is a good chance its not the dryer that needs a repair, but a backed up dryer vent. Some dryer vents have a very small duct run through the side of you home, and some dryer vents will go all the way through your second and third floors inside of a wall to the roof. Some of them also stop inside of the attic. We call a dryer vent a “positive routine maintenance” part of your house, we recommend having them checked at minimum of once a year, and its better to have them cleaned twice a year to prevent any damage to your dryer.

Positive things that come from cleaning the vent:

  • You reduce the chance of a house fire
  • Your dryer has less chance of breaking
  • Shorter drying times, saves on the utility bills Gas/Electric