Symptoms that you might notice that will require a new dryer belt, maybe the dryer sounds like it's running but it's not spinning, you have heat but no tumble. When installing the 341241 dryer belt, you will want to first unplug the unit as always, just as you would when doing any appliance repair, then you will want to access the inside of the unit, the best way to do this is to pull a diagram of your dryer by unison the specific model number provided on the dryer, then you will have a better idea of how to gan access to the belt as they all have different access points and will open up differently. Once you have figured out how to gain access to the dryer, yo will most likely see the existing dryer belt curled up at the bottom of the dryer somewhere, grab the old belt out of the unit and to install the new bet you will need to slip the new 341241 dryer belt over top of the drum and lift on the idler pulley or tension pulley taught so that the belt will be able to wrap around the motor pulley, once the 341241 has wrapped around the both pulleys you can now put the dryer back together and plug the dryer back in to the electrical outlet. 

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